Getting the Most from Your Driver

My last round of golf wasn’t exactly my best. I don’t know why but just about every drive of mine was significantly shorter than my usual distance. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least but there is always something to learn from this. I spent the night researching away about why this happened and how I could get to the bottom of it and hopefully not have a repeat performance with my next round! Golf has taught me a lot and one week I may be playing well then for no reason but next round is shocking. It certainly is a sport that keeps you humble! So in the following post I will highlight a few key things I learned and noted down in my research for recovering my drive!

I found the youtube channel Me and My Golf really helpful to solving many different golfing issues! So they are worth while subscribing to or hunting down things you want to perfect.

Tips to Improve Driving

Solid foundations

This is a very crucial step. Take the time to set up your foundations, with a wider stance with the driver you want to bend at the knees and maintain an upright spine. Shoulder should have movement but your wrists should be firm and strong.

Keep the Club Parallel

Keeping your body strong turn your shoulders and chest to maintain the triangle shape. Your lead shoulder should follow your toe line, try to maintain this as best as possible. the club should be parallel to the ground in line with your toes and very minimal change in the weight distribution.


When it comes to your backswing, try not to lose your stable set up. Your backswing should stop when you can’t keep turning without moving comfortably. This is where your flexibility will come into play. Another great reason to get stretching before and after golf games! try to be firm and stable but still relaxed, you need to remain fluid in your shoulders to have a consistent swing.

Focus on the Ball

This goes with all shots, stare intently at that ball like you could burn a hole through it with your eyes! Don’t look up too early, wait until well after you have connected with the ball.

Follow Through and Finish Well

The follow through should be the mirror image of your backswing. If you go back quite far be sure to follow through and finish with the same distance. The weight distribution should be in the front food now too.

Buy a New Driver

If none of these techniques work and you drives are getting worse over time then perhaps you need a new driver? I really hope this isn’t the case for me but I am open to it if so. I have the Callaway Big Bertha which was highly recommended across many different sites. I am an avid researching when it comes to buying things and I can’t recommend Golf Accessories Reviews enough. They have a great post about Drivers For Beginners which has a lot of useful information and comparative reviews of clubs. So if you are in the market for a new club definitely head over and check them out.

Bottom Line

There can be a bit of problem solving involved with fixing or tweaking your golf so as long as you are open to trying new things your golf game should only get better! I hope you found this post useful, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Female Golf Clubs

I recently bought my wife a new set of clubs for her Christmas present. She has been playing golf for 20 or so years but never really committed to it, rather staying as a social player even though she is really quite good. She enjoys the sport but would rather spend her money on other things so I thought why not buy her a new set that will improve her game and get her out there more. I know for me  that buying new gear and products really motivates me to get back into a sport so I’ll be sure to update you on how she goes!

Lady Golf Clubs

When it comes to ladies golf clubs and sets there are a few key things you need to look for. I spent a lot of time researching the clubs I bought and will share which ones at the end of this post along with my suggestions for complete beginners to intermediate players as well.

What’s The Difference Between Lady and Mens Golf Clubs?

If you are looking at getting into golf and pick up your brothers/fathers/uncles/grandfathers or male friends clubs then you might struggle. There are a few reasons for this which I will cover below.

Shaft Material and Weight

The biggest factor is the weight of the clubs, female clubs are significantly lighter than male clubs. This is because women don’t have the same kind of strength as men, no I’m not being sexist here just merely stating the facts. To account for this the material of the shaft for female clubs consists wholly of graphite which is much lighter than steel which is commonly used on male golf clubs.

Shaft Length

Lady clubs are a bit shorter than males clubs which can be difficult for the tall female players out there. If you find the right set but they aren’t the right height then you can get them adjusted in your local store, they can lengthen and shorten clubs as you need.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft is also different for lady clubs, there is a L for ladies which provides quite a lot of spring which you may struggle with at first if you are a complete beginner. There are also ladies clubs with the label A which are less flexible and easier to control. They are both applicable for swing speeds that are less than 80miles per hour – standard for female players.

Which set Do I Recommend for Beginners to Intermediates?

There is a really fantastic set that Callaway have called the Strata, they also have the same set available in mens too. This is quite possibly the best beginner to intermediate players golf set and presents really good value for money. If you are interested in reading a full review review as well as reviews of other lady golf clubs then head over to the Best Lady Golf Clubs article shared on Golf Accessories Reviews. Daniel has provided a really thorough explanation about lady clubs as well as different sets to choose from.

Which Set did I Buy For My Wife?

I really splashed out for her Christmas present this year and I’m sure she would ask me to return them if she knew the price! But I would say she is more of an advanced social player so I got her the Solaire Gems after reading many reviews! In particular the Callaway Solaire Gems Reviews post on Golf Accessories Reviews! It really gave me the information I needed to purchase this set! We are yet to go for a round but I’m hoping to take her with me next weekend. Let’s see how she goes!

Carolina Sands Golf Course

Hello! Welcome to my blog which is about my passion – playing golf! I first started golfing at around 11 years old and I what I enjoy most is getting out amongst nature. It can be a really frustrating sport at times but it is also a very rewarding sport in the same breath.

I chose the name of my blog – Carolina Sands Golf for my blog because it was and still is my favorite course to play at. While this blog will be about many different golfing relating things I thought the name was a beautiful reminder to me of such a beautiful course! If you live in North Carolina then get yourself over and see how well you go.

All About Carolina Sands Golf Course

The course is located in Elizabethtown and is a very stunning 18 hole championship golf course. It is a par 72 and is seriously beautiful to play at. It is located more between White Lake and Elizabethtown N.C which is about 1 hour north of Myrtle Beach and the Southeastern North Carolina beaches.

Golfers can play here for a fee or there are membership options available as well. I just got to say that the staff here are absolutely fantastic and many people return time and time again to play at the course.

The course initially opened in 1964 and was designed by William Byrd. The course is open all year round and you can expect to pay $25 for green fees.

The Origins of Golf

If we dial back in time we know that golf goes back to the times of Julius Caesar, although it may not have been the exact same game it is today.  It is believed that they would use a tree branch shaped like a club to hit a feather stuffed ball. In addition to this it is also tracked to the Song Dynasty in China, again different but still along the same lines. The game of golf that we know today comes from Scotland in 1457. It was soon after outlawed by Kind James II as it distracted the military from their training duties.

Cue the 17th century and Great Britain took to the game to new levels. The British Open held in 1860 is still played today which goes to show how timeless this sport is. After this the sport began to spread worldwide and Montreal were the first in this part of the world to have a permanent golf club in 1873. Soon after the first 18 hole golf course known as the Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton Illinois was started in 1893.

The PGA was initially founded in 1916 but before that there was the United States Golf Associated which had been around since 1894. Since then tournament golf has become a very well established spectator sport and is growing even more rapidly in popularity. I don’t know about you but I love the sport and love seeing it influence and bring in even more players! The more the merrier I say.  I hope to share with you as many tips, guides and advice that I can all about the sport! Thanks for stopping by.