Getting the Most from Your Driver

My last round of golf wasn’t exactly my best. I don’t know why but just about every drive of mine was significantly shorter than my usual distance. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least but there is always something to learn from this. I spent the night researching away about why this happened and how I could get to the bottom of it and hopefully not have a repeat performance with my next round! Golf has taught me a lot and one week I may be playing well then for no reason but next round is shocking. It certainly is a sport that keeps you humble! So in the following post I will highlight a few key things I learned and noted down in my research for recovering my drive!

I found the youtube channel Me and My Golf really helpful to solving many different golfing issues! So they are worth while subscribing to or hunting down things you want to perfect.

Tips to Improve Driving

Solid foundations

This is a very crucial step. Take the time to set up your foundations, with a wider stance with the driver you want to bend at the knees and maintain an upright spine. Shoulder should have movement but your wrists should be firm and strong.

Keep the Club Parallel

Keeping your body strong turn your shoulders and chest to maintain the triangle shape. Your lead shoulder should follow your toe line, try to maintain this as best as possible. the club should be parallel to the ground in line with your toes and very minimal change in the weight distribution.


When it comes to your backswing, try not to lose your stable set up. Your backswing should stop when you can’t keep turning without moving comfortably. This is where your flexibility will come into play. Another great reason to get stretching before and after golf games! try to be firm and stable but still relaxed, you need to remain fluid in your shoulders to have a consistent swing.

Focus on the Ball

This goes with all shots, stare intently at that ball like you could burn a hole through it with your eyes! Don’t look up too early, wait until well after you have connected with the ball.

Follow Through and Finish Well

The follow through should be the mirror image of your backswing. If you go back quite far be sure to follow through and finish with the same distance. The weight distribution should be in the front food now too.

Buy a New Driver

If none of these techniques work and you drives are getting worse over time then perhaps you need a new driver? I really hope this isn’t the case for me but I am open to it if so. I have the Callaway Big Bertha which was highly recommended across many different sites. I am an avid researching when it comes to buying things and I can’t recommend Golf Accessories Reviews enough. They have a great post about Drivers For Beginners which has a lot of useful information and comparative reviews of clubs. So if you are in the market for a new club definitely head over and check them out.

Bottom Line

There can be a bit of problem solving involved with fixing or tweaking your golf so as long as you are open to trying new things your golf game should only get better! I hope you found this post useful, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.