Golf is a very popular sport for mostly rich people. But if you still want to play it, you need to learn the sport really well so that you can play. Once you learn to play, you are going to be playing it even when you get old. You can do it with your friends and family in good weather conditions. When you want to learn playing golf, you can use your smartphone as well to help you master it. All you have to do is to download apps to your smartphone. So, here is a list of the best golf apps.


It may be free or the price may range from five dollars a month to fifty dollars a year. This is a new app compared to the others. It has a lot of useful features. These features consist of a golf course GPS system, statistics of games played earlier, score cards and much more. This app keeps a track of friendly wagers. If you get the free version of this app, it will have all the features mentioned above. If you subscribe to the app for five dollars a month or fifty dollars a year, you get more features which consist of a more advanced GPS location system and a few extra options. The free version is good enough to be used and can be downloaded here.

Golf GPS Range Finder

There is a free version of this app and a paid version for twenty dollars a year. This is a very unique app. It supports about forty thousand golf courses, which is a very large number. A few other features are aerial maps, a one-tap shot tracker, scorecard, and statistics of previously played games. This app is supported by android wear as well as Samsung smart watches. The paid option available for twenty dollars a year, adds some extra features.


The app is free, but this app also has a paid version available for seven or eight dollars a month and fifty dollars a year. This is one of the newer apps in the market. Its features include a digital scorecard, a GPS rangefinder, performance tracking and much more. Hole19 supports more than forty thousand golf courses and even rates of them. The paid version consists of distance tracking, auto-changing of holes, better statistics and Android wear support.


This is a free golf app and one of those really cool apps. It is a scorecard app. On this app, things like your strokes, score, fairway hits, penalties and other score related information are tracked. Along with all that, it also keeps track of statistics, game history, game wagers and handicap. It has a few GPS features, but mostly it’s a score tracking app.

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