Hello! Welcome to my blog which is about my passion – playing golf! I first started golfing at around 11 years old and I what I enjoy most is getting out amongst nature. It can be a really frustrating sport at times but it is also a very rewarding sport in the same breath.

I  just purchased a new set of clubs after reading the best golf clubs for beginners for my son and he loves it!

I chose the name of my blog – Carolina Sands Golf for my blog because it was and still is my favorite course to play at. While this blog will be about many different golfing relating things I thought the name was a beautiful reminder to me of such a beautiful course! If you live in North Carolina then get yourself over and see how well you go.

All About Carolina Sands Golf Course

The course is located in Elizabethtown and is a very stunning 18 hole championship golf course. It is a par 72 and is seriously beautiful to play at. It is located more between White Lake and Elizabethtown N.C which is about 1 hour north of Myrtle Beach and the Southeastern North Carolina beaches.

Golfers can play here for a fee or there are membership options available as well. I just got to say that the staff here are absolutely fantastic and many people return time and time again to play at the course.

The course initially opened in 1964 and was designed by William Byrd. The course is open all year round and you can expect to pay $25 for green fees.

The Origins of Golf

If we dial back in time we know that golf goes back to the times of Julius Caesar, although it may not have been the exact same game it is today.  It is believed that they would use a tree branch shaped like a club to hit a feather stuffed ball. In addition to this it is also tracked to the Song Dynasty in China, again different but still along the same lines. The game of golf that we know today comes from Scotland in 1457. It was soon after outlawed by Kind James II as it distracted the military from their training duties.

Cue the 17th century and Great Britain took to the game to new levels. The British Open held in 1860 is still played today which goes to show how timeless this sport is. After this the sport began to spread worldwide and Montreal were the first in this part of the world to have a permanent golf club in 1873. Soon after the first 18 hole golf course known as the Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton Illinois was started in 1893.

The PGA was initially founded in 1916 but before that there was the United States Golf Associated which had been around since 1894. Since then tournament golf has become a very well established spectator sport and is growing even more rapidly in popularity.


I don’t know about you but I love the sport and love seeing it influence and bring in even more players! The more the merrier I say.  I hope to share with you as many tips, guides and advice that I can all about the sport! To start things off I highly recommend the website Golf Accessories Reviews for all things golf related! They are a very trusted website that offer comprehensive and honest reviews of just about every golf product you can think of!

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