It should come as no surprise that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world with over 24million players just in the United States! Golf tournaments are regularly held all over the world bringing in even more spectators and even more players of the sport. I’m not complaining though, I love the sport and everything about it. There are even TV channels dedicated entirely to coverage of the sport!

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Today I wanted to share a post about golf balls. These little fellas are the key to the sport so let’s take a look at a few facts as well as golf ball size, covers and dimples.

Golf Ball Size

The standard golf ball used in the United States and as stated by the United State Golf Associate requires that a ball cannot weigh more than 1.62oz. If you have a heavier ball then the momentum will help it fly further and also provide more wind resistance. Golf balls are at least 1.68inches in diameter and comprise of a cover and a core.

The golf ball market is worth well over $550 million in annual sales and that’s a result of over 850 million golf balls being manufactured and shipped every year.  So how are golf balls made? Well let’s break it down further.

How are Golf Balls Made?

Golf balls can either be a two or three piece. For the casual, weekend golfer the balls are generally made from rubber and plastic and account for about 70% of golf ball production.

A three piece golf ball comprises of a plastic cover, windings of rubber thread and a core which is filled with gel or liquid and sometimes is solid. These types of balls are more commonly used by professionals.

Golf balls are finished with a dimple pattern which promote good flight and distance.

More information on how golf balls are made.

Golf Ball Cover

For many golf balls the cover is made from Surlyn which is a hard resin. Ther is also Balata which is a rubber like material and slightly softer than Surlyn. Balata will provide more spin and due to the material is a bit more expensive and a little less durable than Surlyn.

 Golf Ball Dimples

There are three commonly used dimple patterns on golf balls – icosahedral, dodecahedral and octahedral. Octoahedral dimples are based on an 8 sided polyhedral with 8 faces. The dodecahedal is 12 sided and the icosahedral is 20 sided.

Generally speaking the more dimples a ball has the better it will fly. Some balls have 500 dimples!

In addition to the amount of dimples the size and depth of them will also change the performance. Shallow dimples will give more spin and deep dimples will give less spin. The player can decide at the time which ball style they will use to achieve what.

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