When top golfers are mentioned, people visualize the pro golfers like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Steve Stricker. These are those players that win or rather rank in the top ten of main tournaments. You may probably wonder how much playing Golf earns such people.

Pro Salary

Most of the golf experts do not usually participate in the professional golf tours. Their salaries come from the supervision of golf actions in public and private courses and also instructing. We refer to these as club pros, and their salary is paid by club or associations that tend to be managers of the golf course. A city employee is known to be the club pro on a municipal golf course and is typically paid less than a pro in a luxurious private club. Golf pros laying on tournaments do not get a payment, but they usually earn tournament prize money.

A golf top player could have a salary of about 25000 dollars to 40 000 dollars, but at the end of it all, he/she will end up making more money than that. Majority of people do not have a slight hint about the earning of their pros with an estimation of around 10000 dollars to 100, 000 dollars.

Winnings in Tournament

A large amount of money in golf will go to top ten players in the main tournaments even though each player that makes the cut does get some salary. For instance, in 2011, the US Open had a 7.5 million dollars chase. Rory Mcllroy was the winner in 2011, and he received 1.44 million dollars. You can equate this to the Nationwide Tour with rewards averaging to 500,000 dollars. Michael Sims was the Winner of Nationwide Tour Midwest Classic in 2010, and he just won 112, 500 dollars for finishing in first place. Players are obliged to meet the requirements for PGA Tour card in order to win tournaments to make an exception for the next year by engagement in qualifying tournaments or being ranked in the top 125 players win


In 1996, Tiger Woods was given 40 million dollars contract from Nike that rose to 100 million dollars over five years’ time. You will find endorsements outranking tournament winnings per year and can extend beyond the period the player essentially plays the game. Additional incomes include book advances, speaking appointments, and coaching videos. The extent of an advance will be dependent on sales estimated by the publishing company.

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