There are actually so many different accessories one can use to enhance both their golf game as well as ones enjoyment on the course. I felt like Alice spiraling down the rabbit hole when I first looked into all the different accessories you can buy! The following post will highlight the top 3 things that I have attributed to an improvement in my golf game.

Golf Glove

If you are new to golf and don’t have a golf glove then you have probably developed a couple of nasty blisters on the thumb? Or even where the handle is in your hand, the rubbing here can cause blisters as well. It isn’t fun! I do remember when I started playing – I had to take at least 1 week off between golf rounds! Not ideal when all you want to do is play golf all the time!

So let’s take a look at the key roles of using a golf glove. I took most of this information from the Best Golf Glove guide provided by Golf Accessories Reviews. It has SO  much information as well as a comparison of the top gloves to choose from.

You golf swing will most likely improve if you have a golf glove. This is because you can maintain a light yet relaxed grip and your fingers will be comfortable on every hole. Without a glove you may be in a bit of pain from the 4th hole onwards and that’s not fun!

Golf gloves are great for cold and wet conditions as they can help to keep the hands warm and dry which means your play won’t be affected.  Cold weather gloves are a league of their own but are made from warm material.

When it comes to choosing a golf glove I suggest and recommend making sure it is the right fit! This is the most important part.

Golf Push Cart

The key to not losing energy for me is to have a lightweight and easy to use push cart. I always try to opt for walking a course unless it is very hilly and walking would be far too tiresome. I personally just purchased the Clic Gear 3.5+ model after reading the Best Golf Push Cart at Golf Accessories Reviews. Daniel has tried and tested the best golf push carts and put together a very detailed and thorough review.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you are looking to improve your swing, game and traction on the course then I recommend trying a pair of spikeless golf shoes. They are a stylish yet very functional shoe, especially for playing golf.

Spikless golf shoes aren’t part of the dress requirement but if you are looking for ways to try and improve your golf then give them a try! It can be hard to know what to look for so I suggest using the Spikeless Golf Shoe Review on Golf Accessories Reviews. Daniel has compared all the leading golf shoes on the market so go and check it out before making your decision.


When it comes to golfing the top 3 accessories I can’t play without are my golf gloves, push cart and spikeless golf shoes! I hope you found this post helpful, leave me a comment with your thoughts or any suggestions.

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