The importance of a good golf putter is enormous in the sport, and yet many new golfers and trainees do not realize how much their one shot is dependent on their putter. The idea of the right putter to use, the putter length or height, the weight, the fit all matters in deciding how good your putting skills and shots would be. The best golf putters when carefully chosen and matched as per your requirement would bring wonderful changes in your game play.

Average golfers tend to try more full swings than putting

It’s a common tendency seen among most beginners and less experienced golfers that they indulge more into full swings, and give much less time to green reading and putting. When the poor skills in putting, green reading, and also a poorly fitted putter are all factors which combines together to restrict a golfer from not being a good putter. And this problem can be solved by spending more time to hone these skills and by acquiring the best golf putters through enough studying and understanding.

What to expect from a good putter

The fit of the putter matters highly in strokes. If the putter is ill fitting, then you may face impact at face angle, path problems, bad aims, under or over rotation during strokes of the putter face, controlling speeds, contact centering etc.

But the best golf putters would let you:

  • Aim the putter right with consistency
  • Start putting from the targeted line
  • Give the ball the intended roll
  • Deliver the right speed to the ball

And with these you would automatically improve in your skills and confidence in putting.

How to find the best putter

A putter that’s good for you may not be even an okay one for another golfer. The choice would differ based on the size, length, level of playing, style of playing, experience and many such factors. Your physical height and style of handling the putter all would matter towards making the decision that which one would be your pick among the best golf putters.

Some simple steps you may take to choose from the best golf putters are:

  • Ask your coach- he would know your strengths and weaknesses the best to comment
  • Ask other players who have gone through their own buying experiences
  • Read reviews of users of the putter you are currently viewing

The main idea is to select the best putter to play the best shot and game where the satisfaction of a golfer lies.

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